Leaving Here Today

On to the next whiskey bar…


Um, wow.

Game on!

Looking back at maui


On our way!

Kia Forte Launch Minisite

http://www.kiaforte.com Produced this minisite for the new Kia Forte launch campaign

Just Married!

This was in our bridal suite shower

Leaving wine tasting

The sun at our backs

Bridal Suite

The fireplace has our initials on the mantle!

Zankou Chicken Rules!

A little pit stop on our way up north to the wedding!

Yanks at Anaheim

Gorgeous day, ugly game.  But how many future Hall of Famers can you count in this photo?

The Future of Entertainment & Media

Mark my words that if we shortsightedly protect a business model which does not reflect current market conditions and the further progression of modern technology we’ll be far worse off in the long run.” Excerpt from a great article I just ready by Barrett Garese on the past, present, and future of media and content […]

My Favorite Song

My favorite song, ever…moves me every time I hear it.  

Web Cam Synchronicity

Spike Jonze posted this on the Where The Wild Things Are blog, and yes, you should definitely watch it.

Lucky Dog

Twice a day, every day

Kia Forte

New Kia launch

Wedding Planning

This is what it looks like when you plan a wedding in wine country.

Price of Freedom

While everyone was partying on the 4th of July

Written By Artwork

A couple more finishing touches and we’re done!

Adweek Loves Kia

One of my projects was featured in Adweek.

Random Wine Fact

What about boxed wine?