Meet Jersey

Flash has a new cousin!

Dancing Shoes

Next stop, wedding dance floor!

Porto Sunset

Impossible to take a bad photo of the sun setting on the water, but still I try!

Bat to Ball

Totally doing it!

Small Price!

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Life’s To Do List

I often refer to my life’s to do list. Tonight I checked another one off my list!

I [Heart] You

Amazing photo, not what I was expecting it to look like!

iKnow, iKnow…

Sent from my (new) iPhone!

Rocke Out

Official 1-month wedding anniversary celebration with Rudy Leonardo

Sar Girl Birthday Tour 2009

Anaheim 0, Detroit 3 TOP 6. Zzzzzzzzz.

Great Show

KOL had an amazing light show, this was among the visual treats.


Sarin’s birthday

Man Vs. Cloverfield

Here’s a little ditty I shot for my Director buddy Matt Duggan. Matt asked me to be his Director of Photography, as well as to help Produce some episodes. In one weekend, we shot three episodes of the online series he created, Man Vs. Budgets and equipment allocations are very barebones for these episodes. By […]

Fashion Industry Night

You know what? The rock and roll life is killing me!

Virgins to Virgin America

Next stop, Beantown.

Shark Sighting!

6 to 8 feet, allegedly

Last Day

But the honeymoon continues

Pool Time

Catching up on celebrities and such

Lava Walk, Part II

Pretty cool now, not so much 200 years ago…