Flashy Holidays

Tired from tree trimming

New Era

First play from scrimmage, Giants first down.

Horror News Reviews ‘Written By’

Exciting stuff! Horror News was in attendance for Night 1 of the NYC Horror Film Festival and gave us a glowing review! Many thanks to The Black Saint, and we’re glad you liked the film! You can read the review of Written By (paragraph 5) and the four other films by clicking HERE.


USR Allendale 3rd/4th grade playoffs at Highlands

Times Square

Woke up with a view of the building I helped build (previous life)

Found It

It’s the original!

Dr. Less

The doctor is in!

Behind The Scenes Video

Finally got around to editing that behind the scenes footage that was laying around, just in time for our 11-11-2010 screening at NYC Horror Film Fest. So if you were on the fence, we hope this helps bring you out for what surely will be a kickass night!


Marcel says hi!

FilmThreat.com Reviews ‘Written By’

“As a horror short, the film is true to the ambiguity and suspense that truly sells fear as opposed to just simple gore and surprise shocks. At 15 minutes, this could be a segment on a show like “The Twilight Zone” or “The Outer Limits,” and it works just as effectively.” Read More Here

Crying Superfan

This cracks me up

Jeep Went In For Brakes

Took my cruiser home from the Gundo

Home Sweet Home

Click Click!