When You Coming Home?

Dave has been practicing his metal riffs

Rocky, Meet Flash

Rocky takes the high road after Flash steals his toy

Behind The Curtain: Brickfilm Edition

On the heels of a fresh new brickfilm shoot two weeks ago, world famous superstar animator Musa Brooker posted some behind the scenes photos from our previous Carl’s Jr. shoot from last July.  If you prefer not to see how movie magic is made, then do not go to his wildly entertaining animation blog.  (That’s some reverse […]

Take Me Home, Please

Farewell Raleigh

Team Photo

Good people

Day Three

Made it!



Q&A Day 1

First Q&A panel at #Nevermore Film Fest. Screened with some super films!


Jim Carl takes the stage

Jetway Away

See you on the other coast!

Seven Years Later

Finally graduated from the HBU. South Bay For Life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The jumbo ravioli is positively scandalous!

Animazing Team

Carl’s Jr. Project Team, Summer 2010 (L-R): Musa Brooker, Me, Zilla the Monster, Flash, Rachel Donofrie, & Nancy Parczyk

French Lick

This cracks me up!

Do I Get It?

So, on one hand, I think this is a terrible example of branded content because Weezer and insurance aren’t two things I’d put in the same conversation. On the other hand, I just listened to a 3-minute State Farm advertisement by a band that I dig, along with 23,361 other people who did so since […]

That’s A Wrap

Pulled an all-nighter to finish another shoot for Carl’s Jr. with Animation wiz Musa Brooker

For the Dogs

This Tokyo Police Club vid goes out to my chihuahua wingman Flash and all his canine buddies. Sure to bring a smile to your face, courtesy of Humble Empire.