La Machine

Legal Eagle

It’s bring your spouse to work night


(Rain + LA Drivers) / Friday > A Sunny Monday

Beer #3

Late start today, making up for lost time.

A Brisk Story

And then I wash my hands.


The (Nick) Price is Right, b*tch!

The Future Will Be Digitized

Shed a small tear as we put all my old DVDs and CDs into three 208-slot case logic folders, then recycled the bulky cases. Thats a lot of old summer lifeguarding earnings, right there. Goodbye, analog.


Went for a little ride on my bike today.  J/K, but this has to be one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen!  Check out the dog at :39 and massive air at 2:27.   Hat tip to my homie Robal

Healy Time!

Who loves three beers with his buddy Kevin Healy?! I do, I do!

Five. Five? Five.

Loved this promo for Toronto After Dark Film Festival!

The Golden Age of Video

A simpler time, marked with awesome transition effects, funky wardrobe, and Max Headroom still cemented in the cultural zeitgeist.