Happy #Halloween

We made this just for you.

Why I Love ND Football #GoIrish

Kickin it with Ara, circa 1988

Looking Ahead

Throwing away some tattered shirts that mark the end of a significant era. Seems silly, but it was tough to say goodbye! Peace out, shirts!

Spike Motion

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi on Nowness.com. A cool new stop motion film from one of my favorite live action directors.

Numero Uno

Hey, you. You’re #1. #TGIF

Making Friends

This twisted little film by Mike Dougherty really gets me in the mood for Halloween…


Sources say Bobbyfest has begun back in Beantown. I predict this night ends quickly.

A Defining Moment

Stumbled upon this gem and thought I’d share. The Internet is ablaze today with tributes and reflections on the passing of a man who made computing accessible to non-geeks. It says a lot that my parents use Macs and iPhones, because theirs was a generation that mostly had to learn the ropes after 45. I […]


  Thank you for showing us how to think different. 

In For Fin

Ready to rock.