Congrats Andre!! What a buzz. Proud day for our newest Americans!

Dawn Patrol

Goooood morning!

Nuff Said

Marina and Lily having fun with Flash


Love is: driving through Anaheim at night to bring home a Zankou Chicken feast.

I Love You

Need I say more? (cut by Matthew Belinkie)

Future Hipsters

So…it’s probably time for humanity to begin thinking about this sort of stuff.

How It’s Done

Pulling back the curtain

Brick Strong  The thing heroes are made of.

Say Goodbye

Future generations desperately need us to begin this very long, complicated process. (Hat tip: Jamie)

Visine “Watching TV”

One of four spots I directed for Visine.

Visine “Football”

One of four spots I directed for Visine.

Team Eli!

Giants do it again!!!!!

Pregame Show

Up by 1 coming into the turn with a bloody Pats fan.

Trouble Redux

That’s my stunt double in the middle

Heeeeee’s back


Oh, Brother.

Rally cap.