Ring's 1st Commercial ($5K)

This commercial cost us $5K, and  10x'd sales in 1 day. Nobody knew what a Video Doorbell was at the time, so we just had to tell them what it was, and where to get it. 

We trafficked this ad one week after deciding to launch on TV. We started with the Ring product demo video and analyzed an ad that HGTV told us did well with their audience. We broke it down frame by frame, recreated the cadence and mimicked the DR tactics. We then re-edited and tested our way into every possible scenario…female vs. male VO…3, 4 and 5 second end cards…rotating pillar themes, varied intros, etc. and found the mathematically most effective way to spend our modest ad dollars. This allowed us to scale monthly media spend from 100K to 500K in 90 days.  


An ad agency had asked Jamie for $750K to create a campaign and make a commercial for Ring, so instead he hired me to make as many ads as I could for as long as he could afford to keep me on. At the time, I wanted to take my filmmaking and agency experience and parlay them into the best commercial directing career possible. So this opportunity was like the Beatles going to Hamburg and practicing their craft. Every. Single. Day.


Within 3 years, we sold to Amazon, and I had directed 300+ commercials, along with hundreds of radio ads, podcast scripts, demo videos, install videos and customer testimonials. That was just the beginning!