“Written By” Short Film

Written By screened globally at eighteen festivals, won two awards, and scored four additional nominations.


Official Website http://www.writtenbymovie.com


Written By was my first studio film. Not like the studio as in, we pitched it to the studio and they bought it and gave me a million dollars to direct. This was a film I was honored to direct for Annex Film Group while working at an ad agency and studying screenwriting at night. Dreaming big! This was a huge opportunity, and I treated it that way. My approach was to do it in half the time and twice as good as my first “film,” going from indie take-your-timing it to delivering to the studio. Which is what the script is about, which is why I chose to take that mindset.


The RED ONE was brand new at the time (!), and we got a “go get 'em tiger” deal on a 3 day rental. Our film group got permission to film on a CBS backlot sound stage while a network show was on hiatus. It was one of those pinch me moments where a bunch of incredibly passionate artists came together to created a self-funded, genre-blending horror comedy that landed with movie theater audiences.