Do I Get It?

Posted on Feb 11, 2011

So, on one hand, I think this is a terrible example of branded content because Weezer and insurance aren’t two things I’d put in the same conversation. On the other hand, I just listened to a 3-minute State Farm advertisement by a band that I dig, along with 23,361 other people who did so since it was uploaded yesterday. I’ll be curious to see what the tally is up to one week from today, but judging from the comments, reception of this idea seems to be split down the middle. If I was in the market for insurance at this exact moment, would I get a quote from State Farm? Sure! Because, you know, I like Weezer* and hey, why not? Conflicting, yet logical in a desperate ’10s kind of way. My head is going to explode if I don’t stop thinking about this endless loop of cross-pollinated bravery, so I guess that’s my answer… If it starts the discussion, the ad has done its job. * Full disclosure, I am pro-profit on the topic of how and where art and profit intersect.