Directed by
Karni Baghdikian

Written by
John Burish
Chris Pauley
Karni Baghdikian

Director of Photography
Andreas Wood

Edited by
Karni Baghdikian

John Burish as Det. Joe Paulowski
Chris Pauley as Det. Michael Flynn
Frank Krueger as The Bad Guy


Just another day in Chicago’s South Side.

Project Overview
John Burish and Chris Pauley are super fine actors who deliver time and again. So when they asked me to direct a short demo for them, I was thrilled. Chris had learned through the trades that Shawn Ryan, creator of superb TV shows like The Shield, had sold a pilot to Fox for what would be his, “…love letter to Chicago.” So instead of working the usual channels for a shot at an audition, Chris and John concocted a scheme to show Mr. Ryan what we interpret his vision to be, based entirely on quotes in Variety, the New York Times, and a handful of other papers.

For this project, the big challenge was making LA look like Chicago, and cranking the finished picture out quickly.  We shot it in one day with just three actors and a DP, and I edited it in 3 days. Most of the time, we were laughing because Chris Pauley’s mustache is so awesome.

(Disclaimer: this video is in no way affiliated with Fox, Mr. Ryan, or the show Ridealong. Rather, it is a creative demo strictly used for non-commercial purposes, hence the bitchin’ soundtrack that normally would have cost $1,000,000 to license. So, please hire my friends and pay them to keep doing what they love, because they are very, very good at it.)

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