Directed by
Karni Baghdikian

Written by
Karni Baghdikian
Dawn Joyal

Produced by
Stephanie Bell
Mona Nash
Trevor Boelter (Associate Producer)
Dawn Joyal (Associate Producer)

Director of Photography
Andreas Wood

Edited by
Karni Baghdikian
Scott Carpenter

Chris Pauley
Dawn Joyal
Matt Duggan
Trevor Boelter
Shelly Gant
John Burish
Mike Gonzales
Mike Veneris


He made the trade of his life.

Project Overview
Trade is a short film I co-wrote in 2005 and honed over the next year under the tutelage of Annex Film Group (AFG). This project was as independent as independent gets–and I think indie lovers can really latch onto and hopefully take something out of it.

Most importantly, this was a story from the depths of my being. The subject matter is difficult, the story is relentless in its pursuit of a better outcome for the protagonist, and the characters are executed to perfection by brilliant AFG actors. From soup to nuts, Annex Film Group threw everything behind this production, trusted a first-time director, and took creative, artsy risks at a time when American cinema was devouring artsy risky films. I think the end result is something we’re all proud of.

For me, personally, this project was film school and a thesis project, rolled into one, for about seven grand. The writing process took a month; the rewriting process took a solid year. Production took three weekends, and editing took me another year. Very long for a 15-minute film, to be sure; but during this time, I literally learned every part of the process of filmmaking–re/writing, pre-production, production, editing, accepting critiques, film festival promotion, and trusting both my instincts and my wonderful AFG collaborators.

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