Who's Nebo?

Directed, Shot & Cut by
Karni Baghdikian

Written by
Steve Lee
Nebo Superstar

Project Overview
Nebo and Steve reached out through a mutual friend about the possibility of directing and cutting a pilot for Nebo’s new Reality TV show.  That was Sunday afternoon.  Within hours, Nebo and I were having coffee, hashing out our vision for the project, and signing paperwork.  Four days later, we began shooting.
We filmed the project over three days in Hollywood and Palmdale, and then, after pulling a late night to get all of our shots, I headed to Colorado for five days of well deserved snow.  I started cutting the video on the plane ride home (with Arrelious Benn very much looking over my shoulder), and delivered the first rough cut in three days. Finishing the cut and mixing sound took three more days, for a grand total of seven days, soup to nuts.