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Directed by
Roy Samuel Ferré

Produced by
Karni Baghdikian
Carla Pauley
Lu Ugaz
Stephanie Bell (Associate Producer)

Edited by
Nicholas Camp

Shelly Gant
John Burish
Chris Pauley
Trevor Boelter
Mike Gonzales

Bad men belong in hell.

Project Overview
Following Trade, I was given an opportunity to pay my super-positive Annex Film Group experience forward by producing AFG’s next project, Wolves, with Lu Ugaz, and Carla Pauley.  A western film set back in time, it’s a tale of bad, bad men with horses, guns, and a contemporary cowboy score, one that we shot over two weekends in the Barstow desert. As always, AFG performances are lights out.

For me, this was an opportunity for me to focus on the business of making a film.  Understanding what it takes to bring a production together and budgeting for a film is integral to making informed, sound decisions as a director, and vise-versa. There’s no substitute for trial by fire to jump start an education on desert land permits, controlled campfires, what to do if a rattlesnake bites you, and whether or not to take the extra insurance option on rental pickup trucks you’re driving 250 miles.

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