SimulScribe “Liar” Viral Video

Two weeks prior to the iPhone release, SimulScribe hired me to shoot an Apple parody spot for YouTube that would play on the iPhone’s lack of true visual voicemail. SimulScribe actually transcribes your voicemails to texts, while visual voicemail absolutely does not. So we shot this spot to capitalize on iPhone keyword searches, as well as seed the blogosphere so fanboys and technorati could take note of SimulScribe’s superior product.

We rented out a sound stage with a giant cyclorama, and shot all sorts of fun material for the better part of a day, mining some real gold. In six hours, we shot six different spots, mainly because we had the place all day. This one was an alternate concept we shot for fun and later wound up seeding virally. In about two months, it had 20,000 views, most of which came the week of the iPhone launch.

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