Once you choose your path, work your hardest to be the best in the universe, and you are guaranteed to be a huge success.” ~Evel Knievel

Born and raised in New Jersey, Karni Baghdikian is a customer-obsessed brand builder with a background in filmmaking, advertising, and digital marketing. He currently serves as Director of Global Marketing at Ring, an Amazon Company.

Since humble beginnings in his buddy’s garage, Ring has grown from a shoestring startup to the world’s largest home security company, and in this time Karni created the crowdfunding videos that started it all, then grew to oversee advertising, content production, media, marketing strategies, positioning, and customer facing messaging for every product Ring has ever launched. 

Prior to joining Ring, Karni was a commercial director with campaigns for brands like Visine, The Honest Company, and Hasbro, which won a Cannes Silver Media Lion and garnered over 14 million online views. This taught Karni how to produce agency quality content for very modest sums of money—a skillset that later enabled him to build and scale Ring’s internal advertising and content marketing competencies.

Karni’s style can be described as quirky comedy, with a penchant for mischief, a theme seen in his original brickfilm campaign for Carl’s Jr., and the 90s period horror short “Written By,” which screened globally at eighteen film festivals, won two awards, and scored four additional nominations.

Before directing, Karni freelanced first as a creative, then as digital producer at various ad agencies, working for brands like Kia (hamsters), Fox, Bacardi, Universal Studios, E!, eHarmony, Epson, Monster.com, IDC and Schiff. 

When he’s not directing, writing, editing, or producing something, Karni daydreams, cooks, loses to his wife at tennis, and teaches his daughters how to “Dream Huge.” Karni earned a B.S. in MIS/Finance from Babson College with a minor in beer and rugby, and is a 2008 graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting.