Ben Kingsley Gets It

Posted on May 25, 2010
“I think if we are privileged to be storytellers – and I think it’s a very extraordinary place to occupy in our tribe – if we are privileged then I think one of the responsibilities of that privilege is to keep reminding people, constantly, that there is, there is the Mahatma Gandhi [Gandhi] and the Don Logan [Sexy Beast] in every single person in that room, in this room and it is evasive and wrong and misleading to suggest otherwise. It is only circumstance that dictates whether we are angels or devils, whether we’re damned or blessed. Circumstance… and people have been, as I said earlier, crushed and distorted and forced into all kinds of strange postures as human beings because of circumstance. I don’t know what monsters and demons would be in me if I felt that violence was the only way out of a very dark corner, but I do know, I have to accept, that just as I was able to access … a way to portray Mahatma Gandhi, from a centre I know that there is also balance, mathematics, I know that Don Logan is in there too.”

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