Carl’s Jr. “It Came From Philly”

Posted on Sep 8, 2010

Carl’s Jr. hired me through to produce and direct three stop motion spots for their new Philly Cheesesteak Burger campaign. The spots were shot in three weeks up at Bix Pix Studios in Burbank, and within a week of posting, had 30K+ hits and great press from Adweek, PopSugar, and Tubefilter.

Hat tips to Nancy Parczyk and Musa Brooker for amazing animation, Shutterpunk for brilliant production design, and my creative partner Matt Duggan who did the lion’s share of the writing.

Producer / Director: Karni Baghdikian
Writers: Matt Duggan & Karni Baghdikian
Animation Director: Nancy Parczyk
Production Designer: Rachel Donofrie
Composer: Austin Wintory
Executive Producer: Rafi Mamalian
Executive Producer: Shane Rodack
Animation Studio: Bix Pix Entertainment
Sound Design, Mix & ADR: Pat Lydon

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